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We are a specialist transcription and post production script service, established in 1980.  We have a proven track record providing services to clients such as: BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Mentorn, Endemol, The Times, the Observer, Arts Council, Museum of London, EMI, individual authors,  politicians and academics. 


We can work from pretty much any form of recorded media - XD Cam MXF files, DVD, CD,  WAV or MP3 files (including files with digital timecode) or MP4 or Quicktime movies.

We're a family firm, so your work will receive our individual attention. No work is ever farmed out, everything is done in-house.

10 Roxburgh Road

Westgate on Sea



01843 833387

Bill Bourne


“Hi Bourneass,

just wanted to thank you for your efficient transcription, you really are the best I have come across. I also appreciated on one of your emails your interest in the interviews – thanks, that really heartened me, when sometimes it all felt like a bit of a mess.”  (Sarah Macdonald, Mentorn TV)

“Bill – I just wanted to e-mail you personally to let you know how much I appreciate your time and expertise in doing us such an excellent shotlist for the People’s Century compilation tape. This was a real opus – and done so accurately and efficiently – we’re all really grateful here and we look forward to working with you again very soon. You’ve saved the day!” (Carol Sennett, Producer, BBC)